January 1, 2014

This Is The New Year !

26.1 °C, Haze.
Almost. End of another year. Except this isn't just another year.

The boss told me to think about what i had learned and what i can improve.
Having passion can be draining at times. But I do not wish of being insouciant.

So what have I learned this year (2013) ? Life in general I mean. The boss is on leave.

- Long distance relationship is brutal. Hard, sapping, madness.

- I had preferred Arrivals more than Departures.

- Relationship is work-in-progress, the rest of your life it seems (gazillion parts of patience, piles of love, heaps of hopes). Being with the right person is key.

- MS would probably be the last school I attended. My next classroom session I would sign up voluntarily would be some sugar craft making or 3-day detox or something along that line.

- Yes I'm a brooder, but that's not really news.

- I have to stop weeping buckets. Movies, books, stories, love, life, goldfish. Haih.

- I found out I could run 10km non-stop.

- The hardest thing I'm being told to do is: 'Manage me'. That really is a big puddle of confusion to me.

- Some people might think I'm a bitch, I might think you're a bitch. Others might think other people who think  I'm a bitch a bitch. So there's that.

- Like the world is round, and what you did to others might come haunting you again when the earth rotates.

- I also realised that I overestimated my DIY skills (1 part skill, 1 part hope, 2 parts denial).

- I believe I was a philosopher in my past life.

- Home is really where my love is.

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