July 28, 2018


Sujudku pun takkan 
memuaskan inginku
'Tuk hanturkan 
sembah sedalam kalbu.

Adapun kusembahkan 
syukur padamu ya Allah
untuk nama, harta dan keluarga
yang mencinta.
Dan perjalanan yang sejauh ini 

Alhamdulillah pilihan dan kesempatan
yang membuat hamba 
mengerti lebih baik makna diri
semua lebih bererti 
akan mudah dihayati.


July 19, 2018

July 15, 2018

Open your eyes, please.

I was a Catholic for a good 23 years of my life. Went to church every Sunday, completed the necessary sacraments. Let me tell you that not a single thing that I went through, heard & observed ever involved efforts to sabotage Muslims or other believers.

All the sermons, prayers that were uttered were underlined with values of love & compassion. “Respect thy neighbours. Be kind to everyone. May God grant wisdom upon our leaders. May God protect our country. God have mercy on us. Etc.”

I was living in Sabah then. Pretty shielded from the prejudices on non-Muslims that I’ve seen here. So when I moved to KL, I was quite baffled at the level of misunderstanding & prejudices that Muslims have on Christians. I mean, we didn’t sit down in Sunday schools and discuss..

About how to convert a fellow Muslim, or crafting devious plans on how to do so. I don’t remember a single time where there was even a hint of such intention. We were always taught about how to live the Christian values in whatever we do; compassion, kind, respect, honesty, etc.

To be fair, my parents have their own misconception towards Islam.

“It’d break my heart to pieces if your husband marries a 2nd, 3rd wife.”

“They’ll cut off your relationship with your Christian families.”

Among the things they said to me when I wanted to become a Muslim.

Can’t blame them aight. I guess what I’m trying to say is, remove these prejudices towards non-Muslims, stop wasting effort to fuel them. We (Muslims in Msia)have a lot more fundamental things to sort out; child marriage, corruption, yes kawin 4 issue too.


We give people multiple chances
hoping that they'll change
I don't know if it speaks less of them
for taking advantage
Or less of us for refusing
to accept who they are

July 1, 2018

be kind with them

The people who understand you
and the people who are there for you..
a l s o   g e t    t i r e d
a l s o   h a v e    b a d   d a y s.
They also have their own problems and
they also feel the way you feel sometimes.
So please be gentle with them.
Be kind with them.
They're just as soft as you are and
they need you just as much
as you need them