December 8, 2013

Supermoon night.

You turned 5 that day. You were sucking some sweets. Then it was time to blow the candles. You were happy. You grinned at your parents' friends. Took a deep breath. Blew the candles. Sweets landed on top of the cake. And then roaring laughter. You wanted to run. But laughing people were everywhere. Then you saw the corner. That corner where you couldn't see faces. So you sat quietly under the dining table, wishing you would just disappear.

You were 50 feet above the ground. You knew no one would find you there. Not on top of the water tank. You lay down. Satisfied. You heard his voice counting down the numbers. You didn't give a damn even if they couldn't find you. It was you and the blue sky that day and nothing in between.

You were in Form 3. It was few minutes past the end of recess. You walked into the class. And he was already there. "You are late.", he said. "Stand in front of the class until I allow you to sit." You tried to explain. He ignored you. Class started. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30, 40. "You may go back to your desk. You wouldn't understand this now, but someday you will." You hated him with vengeance. For the rest of the year. And then he left. He just left.

At the airport. You just landed after 2 hours 40 minutes flight. Alone. The air was quite the same. People were little bit different. You were scared. But you made a choice. And there's hope. The only thing that's left. Hope.

You aged. Slightly. Wiser perhaps. The universe spun the turntable. Then you saw him. He smiled. You smiled. Then it hit you. You found it. Hope. And more. Definitely more.

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