October 5, 2013

no, wonder

My face it's all wet 'cause my day is rough

After a bit of reading and research, now I know what is my major problem.

I need serotonin. Also known as "happiness hormone" although it isn't exactly hormone.

Serotonin can improve mood, relieve pain and even regulates sleep and appetite. In general, it is needed for that "feel good" feeling. And for some universe knows what reasons, serotonin level could actually dip during PMS, which explains the usual mood swings (that men whine about a lot), sweet cravings and fatigue among other symptoms.

So I figured, since this isn't exactly the easiest stretch to deal with, I could do with more of this serotonin thing to stop all this doldrums. So apparently these are some of the things that can be done in order to increase the serotonin level:

1. Exercise (tell me something new please)
2. Laughter (ok more reason to watch Barney and Ted)
3. Sunlight - well, where are you sunblock ?
4. Food - Spicy food, salmon, banana, plums, walnuts, broccoli, sweet potatoes, yogurt (Yeah maybe I could binge on broccoli instead of that whole tub of B&J that I gobbled down in one sitting)
5. Listen to some good music - Now good here is very subjective, maybe I should ditch Damien in this case or Adele
6. Sex - apparently one of the best natural ways to release both serotonin and endorphins.

Well, no wonder.

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